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July 2017

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South Bay Writers members are encouraged to submit their creative work to WritersTalk for publication.

It’s a friendly place to dip your toes into literary waters. See Submission Guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

Send queries or submissions to newsletter@southbaywriters.com

Submissions must be formatted and edited as though they were being sent to an agent. Give us your polished best work. The Managing Editor makes the final decision on what is published.


Submissions are due by the 15th of the month for the next month’s newsletter.


  • Text or MS Word attachment: Times New Roman 12 font preferred.
  • Suggested lengths not absolute: query the editor.
  • Original from-the-camera photos preferred. If you do crop for subject, do not reduce the resulting image. Identify all people by name and position. For best results, jpgs should be 300 dpi.

News Items (400 words)

Newsworthy Events:

  • Meetings of writers’ groups, conferences, forums.
  • Book announcements and reviews.
  • Writing awards and commendations
  • Special speakers at scheduled events, such as, “Yan Martel at the Commonwealth Club.”

Anything Goes—Almost (300 words)

SBW members may expound on anything. This is your space intended for your creativity.

Letters to the Editor (300 words)

This is the place to be heard—so to speak. Please use common sense; a piece critical of our leaders or speakers must allow for rebuttal.

Literary Pieces

Short fiction (1200 words), memoir (1200 words), poetry (200 words), essay (900 words), and humor or cartoons may be published in WritersTalk and we encourage you to submit. Published on a space-available basis.

Announcements and Advertising

Anyone may place an announcement in the newsletter, subject to editor’s approval. Announcements do not provide economic value to the originator and are of interest to writers. However, Advertising provides economic benefit to the originator. WritersTalk does not take advertising or political announcements.

Editorial Policy

The choice to print or to reject any submission is the prerogative of the Managing Editor. All submissions will be copyedited to present each author in his best light. Any piece requiring more than a copyedit will either be returned for revision or adjusted with the permission of the author.

WritersTalk Staff

Marjorie Johnson

Marjorie Johnson

Managing Editor

Marjorie wants each issue of WritersTalk to be professional in appearance and content because the newsletter represents South Bay Writers to the outside world. She holds an M.A. in mathematics from San Jose State and is addicted to the Fibonacci sequence—she served on the editorial board of The Fibonacci Quarterly, an academic mathematics journal, for 40 years. Her two published novels, Bird Watcher: A Novel, and Jaguar Princess: The Last Maya Shaman, appear on southbaywriters.com in “Members Books.” She enjoys sharing her passion for writing.
Chess Desalls

Chess Desalls

Contributing Editor

Chess recently authored the first two installments of the Young Adult time travel series, The Call to Search Everywhen. She’s a longtime reader of fantasy and sci-fi novels, particularly young adult fiction. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys traveling and trying to stay in tune on her flute.
Karen Sundback

Karen Sundback

Contributing Editor

Karen enjoys reading and reviewing WritersTalk’s monthly editorial content. She devoted a good portion of her career writing proposals and reports as a project manager at San Jose State University. For two years, she was the managing editor of the VOTER, the League of Women Voters newsletter. In addition to her contribution to WritersTalk, her most frequent writings appear as letters to the editor in local newspapers.
Sally Milnor

Sally Milnor

Contributing Editor

Sally is an award-winning poet who has been a South Bay Writers member since 2005 and Membership Chairman since 2012. As Membership Chairman, Sally is at the registration desk at our monthly meetings, where she greets our current members and becomes acquainted with both prospective and new members. She writes the New Members column for WritersTalk. Now a retired attorney, she attended Peninsula University School of Law.
Sayantika Mandal

Sayantika Mandal

Contributing Editor

Carolyn Donnell

Carolyn Donnell

Contributing Editor

Carolyn is a prize-winning writer and poet. Her latest award was First Place in fiction at the 2015 San Francisco Writers Conference. She attributes her successes to the help and experience gained from South Bay Writers club members and activities. As a Contributing Editor to WritersTalk, she heads up the Contests and Markets column and takes photographs at meetings. She also supports SBW’s social media outreach on Facebook. Her other passions include music (viola) and painting.