Each year, in June, we decide on leadership. Do I have ideas, like to participate, join the Board in the running of the club?

The following are elected:

  • President – provides vision related to mission and sets agenda.
  • Vice President – determines needs and sees to fulfilling programs.
  • Treasurer – weaves straw into gold and spends it.
  • Secretary – takes minutes of action, inaction, and grumblings at board meetings
  • Member-at-large (2 of these) – brings profundity and profanity from members, and promotes related consideration.

Our board works as a team—each backfilling the other—meets once a month, a couple of hours and most of it cordial. You’ll like being there—the table offers refreshing ideas and munchies.

Here’s how it works: you tell me—email is dandy dalaroche@comcast.net— which office you might want to fill. I’ll put your name on the slate and ask for a brief bio – couple hundred meaningful syllables max.

We’re counting on you. Can you count on yourself?


To be eligible to run for office or vote in the election you must be a current member of the South Bay Writers Club. Renew your membership here.