Good travel writing transports the reader to exotic locales with a vividness that borders on the cinematic. Words on a page conjure the tastes, smells, sights, and sounds of a place never visited. Colorful characters emerged fully formed along the mental journey, radiating authenticity. How does a writer learn to consistently create this panoramic effect? One useful approach is to listen to the author of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing, now in its third edition, which may be the best-selling travel writing guide on the planet. At our August 13 dinner meeting, you will have that opportunity.

Don George has edited nine literary travel anthologies, including A Moveable Feast, The Kindness of Strangers, By the Seat of My Pants, Tales from Nowhere, and most recently, Better Than Fiction. He has received dozens of awards for his writing and editing, including the Society of American Travel Writers’ Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year Award. After serving as the Global Travel Editor for Lonely Planet Publications, he is now Editor at Large and Book Review Columnist for National Geographic Traveler magazine, Special Features Editor and Blogger for, and Editor of Geographic Expedition’s online magazine, Wanderlust: Literary Journeys for the Discerning Traveler.

During the past two and a half decades, Don has visited more than 85 countries and published hundreds of articles and essays in magazines and newspapers around the globe. He has spoken at numerous conferences and festivals, and appears on TV and radio to talk about travel and travel writing. Join us on August 13 to hear him share his experiences and wisdom.

When: Monday, August 13th, at 6pm
Where: Harry’s Hofbrau, 390 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129
Cost to attend : $15 for Members, $20 for Guests
(Cost of admission includes a $10 rebate on the purchase of a dinner)