Writing is where it all begins. Throughout history, many of the greatest human achievements had their genesis when a writer first sat down to articulate an idea, whether large or small, real or invented. As we hurtle into the future, the importance of writing will only increase, even as the forms and methods of disseminating it shift and change, because there is no substitute for a great idea. But a working draft is the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end. An author with a completed manuscript in hand must subsequently shift gears for a very different creative struggle.

Publishing houses almost never consider an unsolicited manuscript from an author. Many will return manuscripts unopened as a legal precaution. They will only consider manuscripts pitched by a literary agent like Jonah Straus. In our April 16 dinner meeting, Jonah will talk about his experiences sifting through reams of material to identify the diamonds in the rough. He will discuss current trends in the publishing industry, and share his wisdom on what makes a manuscript stand out from the slush pile.
Jonah Straus works closely with authors throughout the writing and publishing process, from concept and editing to marketing and publicity, and also utilizes an extensive network of international subagents and contacts in film and television. Straus Literary is a full-service boutique agency with offices in San Francisco and New York, and is dedicated to cultivating quality writing and unique ideas in a range of genres.
When: (New) Tuesday, April 16th at 6pm; talk begins at 7:30pm
Where: (New) Holder’s Country Inn, 998 S. DeAnza Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129
Cost to attend : $15 for Members, $20 for Guests
(Cost of admission includes a $10 rebate on the purchase of a dinner)