Dear Scribes,

I suspect you’re wondering: Why have I received my WritersTalk so late? Although Jessica
McDole, our talented newsletter editor, completed the April issue and sent it to the company in
Florida (that prints and mails it), they were closed for about a week, and we weren’t even sure
they would reopen. But hopefully, you have received it by now.

Since we’re not certain when we will meet again, we are also emailing copies of the newsletter
to members and nonmembers. However, only paid members will be able to submit their work
to the newsletter. (Deadline is the 15th of the month.) Therefore, we encourage nonmember to
join South Bay Writers and get their prose in print. Info on joining HERE.

We are rescheduling the speakers previously booked. Currently, they include Elizabeth Kracht, a
noted agent with Kimberly Cameron Agency. Her book AN AUTHOR’S CHECKLIST was just
published, and Cara Black, a New York Times bestselling author who will speak on writing a
series versus a stand-alone novel.

A few clubs are experimenting with Zoom meetings with mixed reviews. We would prefer to
have these two cachet speakers in person. In the meantime, if you’d like some inspiration or
instruction, there are a number of informative speakers and authors on Youtube.

You may want to check out the Top 10 Creative Writing Channels:

Even though the board is eager to resume our regular monthly meetings as soon as it’s safe,
no one knows for certain when this disruption will end.

For now, I hope you’re able to do your most inspired writing, and I pray we are all safe, healthy,
and back on course soon.

Missing you!

Edie Matthews
SBW President