About the Sortable WritersTalk Cumulative Index

The WritersTalk cumulative index lists almost everything that's been printed in WritersTalk. Excepted are regular columns such as "Accolades" and "View from the Board" because they cannot be distinguished by title alone, and various time-dependent announcements that weren't meant to have enduring value. Untitled poems are indexed by first line.

The cumulative index will be considered complete when it contains entries from the oldest issue stored on the website (January, 2005). It is a work in progress; currently, the oldest indexed issue is November, 2006..

The cumulative index is sortable. Click on the little triangles next to the column titles to sort that column either ascending or descending as the triangle indicates. Unfortunately, it can be sorted by only one column, so if you sort by, say, title, the authors, genres, and dates will be in no particular order. You cannot, for example, sort by author within genre. This is a limitation of the free Javascript script I clipped on the Web, I'm not slick enough with Javascript to improve on it.

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—Dick Amyx