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Monthly Newsletter of the South Bay Writers Club

Submissions: All members of South Bay Writers Club are encouraged to send creative contributions to WritersTalk. It's a friendly place to dip your toes into literary waters. Check the guidelines.
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October 2012
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WritersTalk Challenge: Twice a year, cash prizes are awarded to contributors to the newsletter. See the recent winners and read the details.

WritersTalk Staff

Marjorie Bicknell Johnson, Managing Editor

I am excited about becoming the Managing Editor of Writers Talk. While I have served on the editorial board of The Fibonacci Quarterly, an academic mathematics journal, since 1963, this is my first gig as a newsletter editor. I want the newsletter to be professional in appearance and in content because Writers Talk represents South Bay Writers to the outside world.  


Carolyn Donnell, Contributing Editor

As a contributing editor for the last couple of years, I can witness first hand the editing abilities of the staff. I have enjoyed writing for the newsletter and have learned about aspects of the writing world that I might not have known without this experience. I hope to be able to contribute to that pool of knowledge whether I am officially on the staff or not.


Victoria M. Johnson, Contributing Editor

I am thrilled to join the WritersTalk team. Though it is hard work to produce the newsletter each month, it is also a lot of fun to meet with a group of writers with the common goal of creating something of value for
the members. I look forward to contributing articles for WritersTalk, reading members' work, and sharing this creative journey with you.

Karen Llewellyn, Contributing Editor

I enjoy the diversity of contributions from our members each month as we work on the latest Writers Talk. I hope WT encourages all our members to strive for quality and submit for publication.  Write, then rewrite, and send it in--what better way is there to get clips for your files?  I bring 30 years of journalism and publication management experience to the service of the WT team.  
  Andrea Galvacs, Contributing Editor

I joined SBW because I thought that being among writers would give me the impetus to carry out the craft.  Instead, I met many dedicated and ambitious people and discovered that I enjoy editing more than writing.  Since I am a dedicated English-lover I hope to be of help to SBW members by putting my nit-picking ability to use. 
Sally Milnor, Contributing Editor

IIn 2005, I became a member of the South Bay Writers Club, where I have found inspiration, encouragement, and the friendship of other writers.  As Membership Chairman, I am at the registration desk at our monthly meetings, and it is always a pleasure to greet our members.  I am also an avid reader of WritersTalk, and it is an honor to join the team.

  Richard Scott, Contributing Editor
I believe that any opportunity a writer has to hone his craft is one not be missed. When I was offered a position as a contributing editor for Writers Talk, I jumped at the chance. It is an honor to be allowed to share thoughts and ideas monthly with the members of South Bay Writers, and to be a part of the editing team. Sharing, learning and growth... what could be better?