South Bay Writers Upcoming Events

Monday, November 10, 2014 (6 pm-9 pm)



dick-yaeger-150South Bay Writers member and author Dick Yaeger will discuss his experience working with CreateSpace, an Amazon company that allows content creators to produce, publish, and distribute books, music, and video. Dick published two books through the CreateSpace service, Niki’s Discovery and Niki’s Touch: One Man’s Quest for Answers, and is working on a third. His discussion outlines:

• CreateSpace: What is it?
• Why he chose CreateSpace
• What you need to begin
• Why final goals are important
• Navigating the site from start to finish
• Do you want to use their cover design?
• Why formatting your work is so important
• Do you want to use their editorial services?
• Marketing and distribution services
• Writing tools, support, and communication
• What it costs and what’s your share

Dick is an author, retired physicist, and a former member of the United States Marine Corps. In his spare time, he rows and forges iron artwork. He is self-taught in Latin and enjoys listening to the bagpipes.

CreateSpace is an independent publishing platform for writers, filmmakers, and musicians. The company provides publishing tools that enable content creators to produce, polish, publish, and distribute their work to customers around the world. CreateSpace offers royalties, broad distribution to thousands of sales channels, an engaged peer community, and creative control to content creators who continue to own the rights to their work. CreateSpace also manufactures on-demand Books, CDs, and DVDs maintaining in-stock availability for titles without inventory risk. CreateSpace is a brand of On-Demand Publishing LLC, a subsidiary of, Inc.

COST: $15 (includes $10 for dinner)

LOCATION: Harry’s Hofbrau, 390 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose

6:00 pm Dinner
6:30 pm General Meeting
7:10 pm Break
7:30 pm Speaker Presentation: Dick Yaeger, Author
8:30 pm Networking & Dessert
9:00 pm Close