What is it?
TalkShop is a platform to discuss the art of writing. It is a forum where you may vent your writing frustrations, analyze challenges, and learn ways to improve. Each TalkShop meeting features a specific theme such as cadence, the senses, point of view, ego, and dialogue. TalkShop is not a critique group. It is casual, kickback, and comfortable, where most anything flies.

Bring food and enjoy wine!
All meetings are potluck. Bring a light dinner to share. Wine, dessert, and water are provided. Meetings are held at the home of TalkShop leader Carole Taub.

When are TalkShop meetings held?
The last Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

How do I sign up?
RSVP to Carole Taub at

Is there a fee to attend?

Is it mandatory to participate in the discussion?
No. Feel free to sit, listen, take notes, and enjoy.

More questions?
Contact TalkShop leader Carole Taub at




Current Schedule

We host events on the last Tuesday of every month (with some exceptions for holidays).