What is it?

TalkBooks is a book club. We select books written by South Bay Writers (SBW) members for our monthly group reads where we read and discuss members’ published works. In addition, the group’s format allows authors to publicize their books, develop a fan and reviewer base, sign books, and participate in live question-and-answer sessions. TalkBooks helps initiate conversations and gives authors topics to share on their blogs or other social media sites. Sharing leads to more sharing and book buzz among readers that an author may never reach alone.

Those who enjoy the monthly reads are encouraged to tell others about them, both locally and online. The group has a presence on Goodreads.com where we discuss books online as we read along. Join our GoodReads page HERE.

Are members required to purchase and to read the featured book every month?

No. The monthly selection is not required reading, but is optional for those who are interested in the book. Authors, who have control over their pricing, may choose to drop the price of the book or offer complimentary copies to members who wish to be active, but who may not have the resources to buy every book. Fortunately, many digital editions cost less than a fancy drink at Starbucks, and have a much longer shelf life.

Why is the group important for SBW member authors?

An undiscovered book cannot be loved or promoted. Let’s share our stories with one another!

How do I sign up?

TalkBooks invites published authors as well as writers working toward publishing to join. Email group coordinators Marjorie Johnson at newsletter@southbaywriters.com or Chess Desalls at chess@chessdesalls.com to be added to the membership list for events and updates!

More questions?

Contact group coordinators:

Newsletter@SouthBayWriters.com (Marjorie Johnson)
Chess@chessdesalls.com (Chess Desalls)

Current Schedule

TalkBooks meets the last Wednesday of every month (with some exceptions for holidays).


San Jose

For location address, email newsletter@southbaywriters.com.